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Involved in the development of new license opportunities in the database universe. Enhancing and improving the ROI of dollars spent by marketing and advertising enterprises in all areas of media. Inclusive of all offline and online spends. Leveraging the expertise and 40years+ experience of senior Dunn Data management. “Big Data-Boutique Hands on Service”.

Representing Dunn Data, an industry leader and innovator of Consumer and Business Market Databases. Unique data aggregation methodology provides customer acquisItion solutions. Clients include publishers, catalogers, financial and insurance companies and most major data organizations. Developing strategic partnerships and hybrid business models in specific markets. with the utilization of all media channels.


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Co-Founder with Brian Gagne
I Find Clients bridges the gap between small business and big data consumer marketing. Get started today and start exploring new revenue streams, bringing existing products and services right to buyers, and decreasing expenses within your organization.



I have worked and partnered with Jeff on many alternative finance projects over the years.

His attention to detail and tenacious personality has always been helpful in developing what was needed to move the deal forward. His sales ability using a consultative approach has always helped put the client at ease and get the objectives accomplished.

Michael Davidson, Insula Capital Group.


I was initially engaged with Jeffrey Weiner to redesign the Dunn Data website. I found Jeff to be very straightforward and easy to work with.

Jeff was knowledgeable of the market yet you could sense his open and engaging business skill sets. Jeff was a quick study and asked many questions. Jeff was very direct in his vision yet open to new ideas and suggestions. With the building of trust, Jeff gave me full creative control. I found Jeff to be more than fair, as a client in terms of compensation and timelines. Jeff was always marketing and selling, with this we were able to gain each other's confidence and respect. As a result, our business relationship evolved. Today we are engaged as partners in an ancillary project. Jeff brings years of successful and fruitful marketing, sales and basic business skills to the forefront. For myself, as the creative and technical partner, Jeff’s skills and engaging positive energy will only lead to success in our business ventures.

Brian Gagne, IFindClients.


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SUNY, Albany
BS Accounting
Baruch College
MBA Finance