“Infinite Possibilities”

JRWMKG, LLC is a business development group under the direction and management of Jeffrey Weiner.  An organization is only as good as the people and their visions and goals. In our changing and evolving world, we have to constantly: survive, reinvent and grow.  “Infinite Possibilities”. I have been fortunate to be surrounded by some of the best.

Jeff has survived, reinvented and continues to reinvent every day.  This is only accomplished by surrounding himself with the most innovative partners and organizations.  Current activities include but not limited to: working with Service Link, the Nation’s Premier Mortgage Services provider, to working as Vice president of Business Development for Dunn Data.  Dunn Data, “Big Data with Boutique hands On Service”. Now partnering with Brian Gagne in developing IFINDCLIENTS.Com, a new source of data products for smaller and medium-size organizations at affordable pricing.   Soon to come; a book, a TV series and or movie on the journey from the many lives and pursuits of Jeffrey Weiner and the stories of many amazing individuals I have met along the roads and trails.

I live in Greenwich Ct., with my wife and partner Rhonda, in a townhouse and enjoy all from cycling to the beaches and the fine dining.  The easy daily commutes to NYC and the many drives to Boston to visit family are the norm. I am an avid cyclist and gym rat. I am fortunate I have a gym in my office/loft and always make time for workouts.  I will be getting back to tennis in the spring. I will continue to hike with an amazing group. Not sure if I will miss the -10-degree days on the trails in Bear Mt.

With my very active business endeavors;  my main focus, vision, passion and love of life and respect of all  remains and is derived from family.  From my wife Rhonda to Lindsay/Josh/Harrison to Jackie/Chad and my Boston and Pa. families. My greatest rewards are being a son, husband, brother, father and now grandfather.  “Infinite Possibilities”. May the journey never end for all”